Born in the lush swamps somewhere in Northern Finland (exact location not disclosed), this energetic and witty fellow has made its way to the capital of Helsinki. Now Arcti-chan has teamed up with Eetu and Markko to help in conducting sauna business in Finland and abroad.

Though sometimes a massive pain in the ass, Arcti-chan is knowledgeable about many sauna-related topics and is quick to snap at anyone spreading blatant misinformation regarding sauna culture and its practices. Even with a rather intense nature, Arcti-chan is still extremely kind and caring at heart, having a particular soft spot for a good “löyly”.

A certain combination of straightforwardness and sincerity makes Arcti-chan good teacher material for Arctisauna Academy.

Arcti-chan, the energetic mascot of Arctinar. Arcti-chan is standing on top of a stove in an Arctisauna tent sauna and waving a birch whisk while screaming "Löylyä! Löylyä!"